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When using this purchasing Web site you and your business will have the opportunity to buy plastics resins in several ways:



When materials are purchased from Plastics General Polymers' inventory, the terms of purchase are normally F.O.B. one of PPG's warehouse docks unless delivery is offered as part of the agreed to price. Pricing will be in ($)Dollars per pound and sales quantities will be in pounds to the nearest whole pound. If credit terms are extender, payment will be due and payable in 30 days from date of shipment. If credit can not be arranged, payment can be made by
OR ,
company check, certified check, bank wire transfer, or letter of credit, details to be worked out at time of purchase.

General Terms:



When purchasing through the WORLD PLASTICS TRADING CENTER you will be buying materials for plastics businesses located through out the USA & Canada and eventually the WORLD.
Plastics General, Inc. will act as your trading broker and it's Floor Traders (Sales Engineers) will assist you in getting the commodities you need at the BEST Fair Market price you will find. Any offer that you & your business makes on each item will be taken to our trading floor where the transaction will be finalized if the offer is still available and the strick price is met. If your offer fails to meet the strick price, the bid will be offered to the seller if it is in the trading range for the specific resin or product. If your offer is accepted the condition of sale are as follows:

1 - The product sold is F.O.B. the seller's dock, and any cost incurred transporting the materials to the buyer will be borne by the buyer. Transportation will be arranged by the World Plastics Trading Center. If you would like to consolidate your resin purchases at a commercial warehouse or one of Plastics General Polymers' nation wide warehousing facilities, we can have the product delivered their for your future pick up.

2 - The price offered the seller will be your offered price/lb. with NO fees added; Your cost will be any incurred freight charges, your offered price times the the pounds shipped to your business, plus a Buyer Commission Fee which is based on the value of the purchase.

3 - Credit will be extended based on financial data you provide. If credit is not extended initially, payment can be made by or, or,company check, certified funds vouchers, wire transfer, or letter of credit. This can be worked out at the time of purchase.

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